Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

Being a specialist in drains The Blockage Doctor is not just about clearing your blockage and getting out, we care about much more than that. If your blockage is caused by tree roots it will occur time and time again after having it cleared. That’s why The Blockage Doctor offers a long term solution to your tree root problems in sewer and storm water pipes – internal “no dig” pipe relining.

Our pipe relining service offers a fantastic long term, cost effective, trench less, no dig alternative to excavating and replacing the pipe sewer and stormwater pipe work. It is low cost and low impact on the surrounds saving you time and money on having your yard excavated, lawn wrecked, driveway been cut up or any landscaping requirements.

Call The Blockage Doctor today to discuss our no dig pipe reining service on 0481 274 080.

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