Blocked showers

Blocked showers

If your shower is currently being used by multiple family members every day, we understand that it’s inevitable debris like hair might build up in your drains, causing a blockage. However, if your shower has begun to show signs of a major blockage that even regular household cleaners cant get rid of, then it may be time to call in The Blockage Doctor’s experts to take a look.

with over 50 years combined experience to call upon, our team has been the trusted specialists for all blocked shower drain issues across Melbourne homes. As a family owned business, our priority has always been to provide our customers with expert advice and assistance where needed, ensuring that all blocked pipes are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At The Blockage Doctor, we don’t just unblock your drains. Through the use of the latest, state of the art technology and equipment, our team will take the necessary steps required before moving forward with clearing the blockage in your system. By performing a CCTV drain inspection to carefully examine your drains first, our experts can identify the blockage and the current state of your pipes before using our high pressure water jetter to remove the debris from your pipes. Should our team find any broken or cracked joins or fittings along your pipeline, our experts can perform a drain relining service that will give you a life long, no mess and no fuss solution to fixing any issues in your pipes.

The Trusted Experts For your Blocked Shower Drain Problems In Melbourne

If your shower is not draining properly, is emitting a foul smell or overflows every time you use it, call Blockage Doctor to promptly take care of the problem. Rest assured that our expertly trained plumbing team are all fully qualified and ready to assist you with your drains when you need us.

Not only do we offer a same day service guarantee, but our team here at The Blockage Doctor can be reached whenever you need. With no hidden costs and an affordable service promise, we know you will not be disappointed when coming to our experts to help with your blocked shower drain. Our lifetime warranty will also ensure we can provide you with complete customer satisfaction should any issues arise with your drains again in the future.

Don’t wait any longer to get in touch with the expert drain clearers today! To receive a free quote from us, please give our team a call now on 1300 123 823.

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