CCTV drain inspections

CCTV drain inspections


At The Blockage Doctor, we won’t have a guess or take a stab at what may be wrong, we put our high resolution CCTV drain inspection cameras in and look at what exactly is causing your trouble. We include this service as part of our pricing at no extra cost!

If the situation allows we will generally do a CCTV drain inspection before we start to see what we’re dealing with and after we finish to show you the results of what’s done or what will require doing to prevent reoccurrence.

This way we are both on the same page with what is going on, we can also give you a USB with the CCTV drain inspection footage to keep so you can see for yourself what we have done and recommend.

By including a CCTV drain inspection it provides you, our customer clarity and transparency with our service – you can see what has to be done and why it needs to be done.

We can give you an honest and accurate assessment of the damages and what the cost would be to rectify and stop the blockage from reoccurring, because if it’s happened once it will happen again if not attended to properly.

You can rely on us to get you the right fix the first time, no need to come back and fix it later or again with the use of our CCTV drain inspections.

The CCTV drain inspection is a necessary part of what we do put simply, nobody can see underground, If someone tells you where your pipe is blocked and what caused it without doing a CCTV drain inspection THEY’RE GUESSING!

Every drain is different no two are alike, if a plumber tells you they know exactly what is happening without first conducting a CCTV drain inspection they are just guessing.

All of our high tech cameras used for CCTV drain inspections are equipped with a built in sonde which sends a signal to our locating equipment so we can locate and mark exactly where the blockage or broken pipe is or map out your drainage pipe work without digging anything up. Once we know where the issue lies we get to work clearing it with our high powered equipment, pair that with our extensive experience and knowledge of blocked sewer and stormwater pipes and there is no issue we cannot resolve.

To find more about how our CCTV drain inspection can help Melbourne locals with their drainage issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Blockage Doctor today!

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