Tree Root Removal

Tree Root Removal

Tree roots are the most common cause for blockages, broken, sunken and dislodged pipes in Melbourne blocked drains. The Blockage Doctor is the team you can rely on for tree root removal in your blocked drains Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find, assess , remove and repair blockages in sewer and stormwater pipes. Tree root removal is an art, The Doctor has a Ph.D. In blocked drains and we have the right skill set to go along with our high pressure water jetter, our CCTV drain inspections and if necessary or no dig pipe relining for a long term solution that’s why we often find ourselves been called out to jobs that other plumbers cannot resolve.

If you have a blocked drain Melbourne and you need those tree roots removed CALL THE BLOCKAGE DOCTOR TODAY! We will be more than happy to attend and resolve your drainage drahmas. CALL TIM 1300 123 823 or BEN 0403 183 326.

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