Tree Roots In Drains

Tree Roots In Drains

Everyone loves a good tree, adding gorgeous greenery and plentiful shade to any street they’re grown on. However, their roots, if not contained, can cause significant damage to sewer pipes. This is due to a minor crack or loose joint in the pipe itself, which releases vapour when warm water flows through it. Once the roots reach the crack or joint, they grow through the opening to reach the nutrients and plentiful moisture inside.

Once they’ve infiltrated the pipe, the roots will continue to grow and if left unattended they’ll fill the pipe with masses of roots called a “Wizard’s Beard”. These act as nets that catch any household discharges like grease, fat, oil, tissue paper and the like. This could eventually lead to a complete collapse of your pipe if no action is taken.

Drain Clogged with Tree Roots? Blockage Doctor Can Help.

At Blockage Doctor, we have a variety of equipment that will clear the roots from your pipe – not only that, but we provide the friendliest, most reliable service around! We’re a family owned business and we rely on word of mouth so the satisfaction of you, the customer, is 100% our priority.

If you’re looking for premium drain cleaners to remove that Wizard’s Beard, don’t wait for the root intrusion to become so severe it collapses the pipe. Ring your friendly Blockage Doctor today – call Tim on 1300 123 823 or Ben on 0403 183 326.

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